Donald Trump

Girl If You Love Me Now, Then I'll Love You Later. And I'll Make This Promise To You, Just Do Me That Favor.Then Ill Be There Right Beside You, Just A Few Months Later. Them Butterflies All Inside You, That Come From Your Prayers. Look, I Know Your Heart Remind You,You Still Such A Player. They Know Its Hard To Find You, You Full Of Them Layer's. So Beautiful And The Beast, One Minute You Can Be, Out With That Josephine And In With That New Caprices, Your Heart Is On The Line. Can't Miss Another Beat, But I Was Just On The Phone. Talking To This Other Fee. You Use To Hold Me Down, But You Giving Up On Me. Use To Be Down To Drive, Now You Passenger Seat (On Me)
And I Don't Trust Hoes. But They Trust Me. And If I Told You What I Really See, Ya Whole Cover Blown.The Whole Systems Breached Please. Dont Judge Me, Judge What You See. What You See, You Believe. What You Hear, You Repeat.
"I REPEAT" Don't Judge Me! Judge, What You See.


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Donald Trump

Description: The drummer.

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