Pinot Noir

To describe Pinot Noir is to focus on texture and aroma. It is smooth and silky, with subtle, elegant, almost elusive aromas. The aroma and flavor profile can vary somewhat, but generally Pinot Noir falls into one of two basic styles: Old World and New World. Notice that these are styles (not regions): some New World wines mimic the classic Old World Style.

An Old World style of Pinot Noir is light-bodied and complex, earthy with a subtle fruit character. You might use these descriptions for the Old World style:

* mushrooms
* smoke
* tea
* perfume, incense, sandalwood
* spice, like clove or cinnamon
* hints of flowers, like violet
* tart red fruits, like cranberry and sour cherry

The New World style of Pinot Noir is fuller-bodied and fruit-driven. This wine gives the illusion of being sweet on the nose, with juicy, ripe fruit aromas that jump out of the glass. To talk about New World styled Pinot, consider the following descriptions:

* juicy red fruits, like strawberry, cherry, and raspberry
* meat, particularly bacon
* wet earth
* floral
* toast

Some of these descriptions are applicable to both styles. For example, you might have a Pinot Noir from Burgundy with toasty, bacon flavors, or one from Oregon with smoky, tea characteristics. Consider the entire flavor profile when tasting a Pinot Noir. Just remember that Old World styles are generally more subtle, while New World wines tend to be fruit-driven.


Markham Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc Napa Ranch 2004

Sauvignon Blanc is an old standby wine from Markham Vineyards. They have consistently produced the proverbial citrus-apple fruited white, with its overtones of grass-herb flavors. Markham's Sauvignon Blanc 2004 follows true to form.

It is pale yellow and almost transparent in the glass. Tart and tangy, the wine's palate strength is the bright green apples with grapefruit. The mystery for Sauvignon Blanc, particularly from California, is what type of grass will come through. In this case it's is the fresh-cut hay variety.


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