Changing CSS from Dataform Values

Current box CSS:

background color: #ffccff
box height: 175px
font color: #112233
font-size: 125%
font weight: normal
font style: italic

It's possible to change the CSS on a specific page from values set in the dataform on that page. This is because dataform values can be passed into a CSS module. There are limited use-cases for this but it is useful if, for example, you have a box which you want the user to be able to change the font size, weight, background etc of. A live version of this is at for the green box at the top of the screen where the end user asked to be able to change the font color and size.

With this method it is not possible to change the site-wide CSS which is a good thing!


To view the syntax for this please view the page source on the live template page here.


The Vineyard CSS is here.

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