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Pear - Abbe Fetel Scionwood tbd
Fig - Bavarian Violetta Bareroot Plant 2009
Hops - Cascade Root Cutting 2007
Huckleberry - Evergreen, large berry Potted Plant 2007
Apple - Melrose Scionwood 2005
Apple - Adam's Pearmain Scionwood 2005
Asian Pear - Chojuro Scionwood 2004

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Apple - Adam's Pearmain Malus domestica Scionwood
Asian Pear - Chojuro Pyrus communis Scionwood
Pear - Abbe Fetel Pyrus communis Scionwood
Huckleberry - Evergreen, large berry Vaccinium ovatum Potted Plant
Fig - Bavarian Violetta Ficus carica Bareroot Plant
Hops - Cascade Humulus lupulus Root Cutting
Apple - Melrose Malus domestica Scionwood

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    humuluslupulus:Humulus lupulus
    ficuscarica:Ficus carica
    malusdomestica:Malus domestica
    pyruscommunis:Pyrus communis
    vacciniumovatum:Vaccinium ovatum

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