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{[[The Administrator]] Foundation/ Men In Black Agency/ God’s Time travel corporation }[Administration black out.png|thumb|Foundation Administration ][[]]

<nowiki>*</nowiki>The powers of the Administrator, include, but are not limited to:DISPLAYTITLE:The Administrator
*Advising the appointment and impeachment of O5 Council members
*Swearing in of the Head Overseer
*Vetoing laws
*The act of Issuing Executive Orders, Rules, Reptilian Objectives, Bonds/Clearances.
*Vetoing department actions
*Signal Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence upkeep.
*Time travel Operations and dimensional securing advisement.
*Creating Bases and Mainframes with advanced capabilities.
*Starship department upkeep.
*High Security Clearances and Security 🔑 management.
*@grateful345i Twitter @o5grateful.

An Administrator, Possibly related to the position of O5-1, is referred to as the highest position within the SCP Foundation as a whole. The Administrator can not be impeached from the position as most personnel assigned the position of Administrator resign due to the high stress of the job. Communication between O5 overseers and administration with valid level 5 or level 6 clearances through Scipnet app terminal.

Adjudicate rule.

Foundation high administration is composed of high value foundation Assets which have helped create and develop the Foundation. These members have accomplished great things while in the service of the Foundation. They will have grandfathered Level 5 and Level 6 actual security clearances which are used to Adjudicate foundation disputes and power struggles. These staff are usually considered A class personnel because of their wealth generated for the Foundation. Any department or agency can achieve this distinction , however the likelihood an average foundation employee will be granted Foundation High administration remains very low.The bosses and administrative entities who help run the Foundation’s-high administration will exhibit high honor levels always, usually must be higher than average honor levels of their subordinates.
Executive Rule

Apparently Civilizations high on the kardeshev scale our current superiors are all quite anomalous and we need to work with other civilizations to advance.I am an o5 councilor with level 6 actual security clearance, through the wiki and SCIPNET.

Grandfather Rule

Main goal. Create weath for the foundation

Creation Order. •CREATE Level 4,5 and 6 Signal Intelligence officers inside the (ISD)-Internal Security Department and Intelligence Agency with valid signal equipment relay- Call signs which can be accessed by level 4, level 5 and Administrative Clearances. My call sign is (Wiz-Go).Ruling Motion

The OVERSEER level of the Corporate government composing the worlds Classified Agency’s and Department’s must want me alive. I still have much work to do. My successful command record has been highly redacted. Many of my commands were successful because I had the help of other souls Who were also working hard at the commands simultaneously. It takes a Team of souls working together to execute successful large scale commands. A requirement for positive future outcomes and successful command operations are Responsible ranking command operatives with strict leadership and experience. The souls involved in creating the commands which were sometimes considered “ACTS of GOD” Also require classified handling from a Set of handlers. The handlers should be fair and non-violent towards the subjects. Somebody with a relevant security Clearance evaluate the record of commands which were successful. Consult Galactic databases. Try and find other star systems and other dimensions the commands were successful in. Futhermore, in all dimensions Planet GAIA AKA EARTH will acquire wealth as well as more advanced technologies which are needed to propel our civilization into the future. The Current Date in time in the dimension I am in is January 2024.. What rules govern Time travel technologies at this moment in time. Ranking Administrations from all dimensions should Consult and Ruling OVERSEER’S must begin to make rules in this area. Classified learning level 99 Rule making must be used in an appropriate manner. The multiple Dimensions and Timelines of our World will benefit greatly with Foundation resources, computing agencies and corporate governing systems working together. We will make large sums Of money with the old commands. Please begin to network inside the Foundation with your superiors and subordinates. Keep your honor levels high for chance of promotion. Thanks for reading. Good Luck 🍀.

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DISPLAYTITLE:The Administrator


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*5 đź‘€ security clearances.
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