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This is the wiki and site for the community project Shadow Done Right. Please see the forum thread on Wizards Community Forums.

Shadow Magic

Where the world is life and light, the Shadowfell is death and gloom. Where the world is growth and vitality, the Shadowfell is decay and apathy. The world, being a point of balance, holds these darker elements too. But even the Shadowfell’s lighter side is beset with such sinister components.

The darker aspects of existence embodied in the Shadowfell contain fearsome power. Any magic laced with the essence of the plane of shadow already has dread on its side. Shadow magic is the stuff of fell legends, wielded by terrible villains.

In stories it is the province of the desperate, the vicious, and the reckless. Such tales fall from the lips of the ignorant and the superstitious. Shadow magic is no more evil than any other magic. It is attractive because it can be easier to acquire than other forms of power, but it is also demanding.

Divine power requires, at least initially, devotion to an external source. Arcane magic can entail study and hard work. Martial excellence comes through difficult training and mastery of refined techniques. Psionic power hones the mind in a similar way. Shadow magic, unlike all of the foregoing, requires simple surrender.


The goal of this project is to develop a number of full-featured classes for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition using the Shadow power source. This is a community project, so multiple ideas - and multiple versions of ideas - will be offered up, hammered down, or tossed out. Feel free to contribute wherever you like, whether it be with shared ideas and brainstorming, improved page coding and formatting, or editing and playtesting.

The main ideas for classes right now are:

For races, there are:

And then of course…

Here I was a bit vague about the classes, so you guys can add details.

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