Sign Events are proven to increase sales traffic. Week after week businesses just like yours are doubling and tripling sales with mobile billboards and sign walkers twirling coroplast signs. It’s a low investment, with a high return for your advertising dollars–not to mention it’s an innovative way to attract customers in local communities.

No Kidding! Look around. These businesses are using Sign Events for a reason…because what we do works, and we’ll make it work for you! Sign Events attract spontaneous buyers, customers out already spending money. They also draw attention from competitor’s customers in your area. If you offer similar products or service, our signs and sign walkers will entice them to shop at your big sale instead of your competition. Sign Events are a great way to increase local market share.

Our bright signs will create a weekend event atmosphere with a sense of urgency to buy. We start with creative artwork designed to grab your customers' attention. Your name or logo in full view, along with an enticing sales message, arrows pointing towards your sale, and lively sign walkers will direct people into your event. This is the perfect way to capitalize on the weekend shopping traffic. Shoppers will be out in full force. With sign walkers strategically placed in the area, it’s a way to grab shoppers and increase customer traffic inside your store. It will be an efficiently run process by a supervised crew. We will handle everything.

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